How do you follow the Moon?

Recently I have reread the KingKiller Chronicle series by Patrick Rothfuss. I absolutely adore these books, however I also feel there is slightly too much to them for my amateur review skills to cover.

So I decided to show my adoration in a different way. Through poetry.

Below is a poem I wrote which was inspired by a line of Kvothes, ‘How do you follow the moon?’ This line really resonated with me for some reason and struggling to sleep one night I found it floating in my brain and thus was born a poem.

I have used a rather simple yet beautiful envisioning of Auri to go along with this poem. I won’t say her character sums up what I was trying to say, as I will let you decide.


How do you follow the moon?

Where does he hide during the day?

He comes out only at the drunken hours

and he listens to your dreams.

You lay yourself bare to him in the night

but catch only a glimpse back through the grey.

An opalite shine reflects in your eyes

where others see merely a rock amongst the stars.

You wipe away a thousand clouds,

still he moves behind another.

You wait in earnest for his arrival

but sometimes he never comes.

What have you done wrong today?

You wonder as you wait,

and you wait and you wait

for the sun to go down.