Bucket List One- Disneyland

So earlier this year I read ‘The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart’ and it inspired me to write my own Bucket list- or more a ‘Before I turn 30’ list. One of the things on this list was to go to Disneyland, and I’ve now achieved that! Woo 1 down, 9 to go.

I was going to make this post a highs and lows of my trip but honestly, apart from waiting in line for 2 hours for big thunder mountain and having to escape out the fire exit because I was desperate for a pee, there weren’t really any lows. So I’ll just go through some of my highlights.

Firstly I’d like to mention the hotel we stayed in, it was far from 5*, but literally a 20 minute bus ride to Disney. We paid €2 both days for the bus and it was pretty frequent. Had a bakery beside it for a bite in the morning and a fast food place if you don’t manage to grab dinner at Disney (which we didn’t the first night, that light show!) It was called Residence Du Parc, Val d’Europe and was reasonably priced for all the amount of time we actually spent in it.

I think I was in awe the first day we went. Even the entrance is magical. Next time I go (which yes there will definitely be a next time) I plan on having the money to splash on a Disney hotel, because how beautiful do they look!

I think we all had to stop every like 20 seconds to take pics because everything was beyond cute. Between the two days we were there I’d say we probably spent approximately 2 hours taking pics of/with the Castle. But honestly, no regrets, it deserves that much attention:

Here’s a list of the rides we went on in Disneyland:

*Teacups- Because they were named after the Mad Hatter and we love tea

*Buzzlightyear laser blast- This was so much fun and I 100% could make it as a Space Ranger

*Hyper Space Mountain- I hate Roller-coasters, but this almost changed my mind…

*Pirates of the Caribbean- Not so much of a thrill ride, but it looks so so realistic inside. Honestly think I made eye contact with at least 5 pirates

*Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril- We spent the entire queue asking each other if it went upside down… It went upside down – remove your Minnie ears

*Phantom Manor- Not as spooky as I would have liked and they only said the instructions in French so if I was meant to be solving a mystery I have no idea what it was…


The second day we went to Disney Studios, then back to Disneyland in the evening and then to Disney Village for dinner. I think we weren’t expecting much from the Studio side, but honestly it was adorable. That Walt and Mickey statue was too much for me 😦



Here’s a list of the rides we done on that side:

*Tower of Terror- Took me a while to realise, but I loved it. Terrifying but also super cool. I had my bag on the floor and it literally came up to my waist as we went up and down!

*Rock’n’roller coaster- Loopy roller-coaster? Nope from me. Still convinced I wasn’t strapped in tight enough

*Studio tram tour- Sort of cool, sort of quick. Think they could add more around the actual tram part, not that much to look at

Along with the rides, we also met quite a few characters, yes 3 grown women waited in line to meet Mickey Mouse, and they played cartoons while we waited and we loved it!


As fabulous as Mickey was, he does not compete with this woman,

How majestic does she look!? And I actually met her and she actually spoke to me. Well she asked me why she wasn’t on my ears and told me she thinks Merida is okay for a Princess, so I think that makes us friends right?

She also told the mother of the child in front of me that it was child abuse to let her wear an Aurora dress and that she will not meet her as she is probably asleep.

Second highlight meeting- JACK


I will be his Sally any day, he was amazing! Literally walked just like him as well. I don’t want to spoil the Magic, BUT I 100% know they changed the actor playing him as we were waiting in line, and I am so glad because this one WAS Jack, the other one was an actor dressed as him.

We also met Daisy and Goofy, and I can now say I was attacked by a dog at Disneyland.

As well as going on rides, meeting characters and spending all our money in the gift shops, we also watched the Parade and the light show.

The Parade was cool, but you either need to be at the front or on your dads shoulders to be honest. Hard to see the characters and dancers on the ground. But you can still see the larger floats which look pretty great. I hate that Merida was not represented and I love that Rapunzel and Belle got carriages and the other Princesses had to walk.

The Disney Illuminations show was honestly something else. We ran from Buzzlightyear to catch the start and I’m so glad we didn’t miss anything. It was so so magical and emotional. I do wish I had grabbed a popcorn (which btw is amazing, do not go to Disneyland and not buy popcorn, you’d be missing out so bad) but it was still entertaining minus the snacks. And I do like how they played one song in French and one in English. It’s nice to hear both languages.


Overall it was an extremely amazing trip and I would love love love to go back. Was very upsetting passing by Disneyland on our way to the train on the last day 😦

I would like to thank my sister and my cousin for coming with me on this trip! And for actually making it happen. We had a few ups and downs but can’t think of anyone else I would have wanted to go with! Love yous xxx(see if you actually read my blog…)