Bucket List Two- Paris

So as I stated in my ‘Bucket List one’ post, I wanted to keep track of how I’m doing on my ‘Before I’m 30’ bucket list (deadline feeling closely looming now I’ve turned 22…). Going to Paris was also on my list, and of course to have done my number one task of Disneyland, I had to go to Paris. I’m just terrible at keeping up to date with this blog. Therefore the post that should have went alongside the Disneyland one is coming months later… But I still consider myself on track at achieving everything on my list! (If you want a refresher of what’s on it, check out my post, ‘The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart -Bucket List’) I do feel as we spent our first two days in Disneyland and the last day In the city, that Disneyland did come first in terms of ticking off my list.

Arriving in Paris was an interesting experience, we opted for flying rather than Euro star as my sister and cousin were traveling from Ireland. You’d think coming from Northern Ireland and living in London I’d be used to security, but Charles de Gauelle airport is next level. Unfortunately we arrived just as someone decided to leave a bag unattended at the train station… You can imagine how that went for three girls who couldn’t understand a word of what the guards were saying (my French skills weren’t exactly as on point as I had planned). So eventually we decided just to get a taxi. Warning: Never do that, it’s expensive as hell and will have you arriving at your hotel very grumpy.

The hotel we chose was more for closeness to Disney than to Paris, so we had a fair journey into the city, but I oddly quite enjoyed the trains. Oh and the only place to eat beside the hotel was a fast food place where we kept being pressured into buying 2 whole chickens for 20 euros. Very strange.

My favourite part about the day we arrived, between the security scare and ridiculous taxi prices, came in the form of the most fabulous homeless woman I have ever seen. She looked like someone had combined Miranda Priestly with Cruella De Vil and if that’s not sassy older lady goals I don’t know what is. At first she seemed just like any traveler pulling a suitcase behind her. But then she began pulling wrappers and newspapers out of the bin and laying them on the floor. I first thought she was just super nice and was cleaning up, but when she started pulling pillows and blankets out of her case it all became clear. I believe only Paris could have produced such a woman.

This post is unfortunately a lot more lacking in pictures than my Disney one, as I seem to have only taken pictures of the Eiffel tower, the Seine, my books in front of each of these and random little bookshops I passed (and became more and more upset I can’t read French). But here’s a few of myself, my sister and cousin.

Oh and here’s a little BTS of my bookstagram:


(I really love those girls).


I must admit that I did not fall in love with Paris. It’s strange as I felt when I went I would never want to leave, and had even joked about moving to Paris before I went. But the city just didn’t call to me the way London or Dublin do. I felt so little atmosphere from it. However I imagine this is because we spent most of our day on a boat around the Seine, in gift shops and at tourist attractions. Not really at the heart of anything. I would love to go back and feel a little more magic of Paris, the stuff you don’t see as a tourist.

However I did have a wonderful trip overall. I discovered that I love macaroons and baguettes and wearing black and white stripes, even though they both stole my idea to do that! I still intend to continue to learn French, and have challenged myself to be able to read the first Harry Potter book in French. And I have ticked another thing off my bucket list, so I’m feeling pretty achieved to have done 2 off my list within the first year of having it.





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