I heard many good things about Misery, both book and film, so I decided to check them both out. So far my only King experience had been Carrie and the film version of The Shining only. It was time to broaden my King Horizon. As custom, you must read the book and then see how much the film messes it up, so that’s what I done.

This book is honestly amazing. So interesting, style wise and story wise. At first it takes some time to get used to the italic writing, the voices in Sheldon’s head, but once you follow them you almost look forward to them. Also the addition of ‘Misery’s Return’ within ‘Misery’ without the N’s and then the T’s and then the E’s… He really made use of formatting in this one. The story itself was also interesting and really gripping. How he mentioned things early on that came up again later and you are just waiting for it, like the Denver trial. I both didn’t want to put it down and didn’t want to pick it up, afraid of the next Wilkes horror I would read.

Mostly I found this book amazing from a writers point of view. How both characters mention little things about writing, like Annie says how she doesn’t like cheating, yet King has Sheldon back in his chair in his spot, the door locked just in time for her entry… King mentions these techniques, even critiques them, and then uses them! I mean he is such a talented writer and I will definitely be going even deeper into the King archives now. Please give me recommendations if you are a fan.


Okay so this is one of them rare times when the film doesn’t mess up the whole book. Although I don’t think it was better than the book, the things they done different, actually worked really well. For example, the addition of the sheriff. The book is told in close third person, we only see what Paul Sheldon can see. The film took advantage of the fact that it had a wider scope, and added in a whole new character. Although I was sad that his death was a lot less gruesome than the police officer in the book. There was a whole lot that happened to that one and this one only gets a gunshot?

The other thing I think the film done well was breaking his feet. In the book she cuts off one of his feet and I was waiting for the scene to come up in the film. BUT then she just bashes them both with a hammer instead?? I couldn’t even look at the screen. Also how the presented his legs in general was hard to look at. Throughout the whole book, I could never picture his legs as bad as the film made them.

Overall it was an excellent film. I loved the opening titles, which seems to be a theme with King films, as The Shining also has an amazingly dramatic scenery shot to open with. Also the acting was next level. Kathy can do no wrong to be honest. I’m glad they included a close up of her screaming cockadoodie.

Horror has never really been my thing, film and books both, but I would like to explore more King for sure. I’m feeling The Shining book next? Even though custom is pre-broken as I’ve already saw the film.




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